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Evidence Services

Our tax specialists regularly provide tax expert witness services in a number of contentious situations. We provide evidence in Court on a range of tax matters including:

SDLT Claims

We provide expert evidence to support your case when claiming back SDLT overpayments.

PPI Claims

We can investigate a PPI claim to provide evidence that the claimant had been mis-sold and mis-led

Professional Negligence

A formal opinion on the standard of care required, and the calculation of losses arising from professional negligence.

HMRC Disputes

We are experienced in assisting practices and their clients with advice and support on all matters relating to HMRC.

Civil Litigation

When partners or shareholders dispute the valuation of the business, we can provide expert reports to resolve the matter

Financial Investigations

In business fraud or theft cases, we carry out investigations to establish the fact and provide evidence.

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We bring a pragmatic approach to our work, supported by our technical knowledge and insight into business practice.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Our experienced admin team will coordinate the interview/assessment with your client, whether that be a visit to a clinic, an interview room.  For prisoners, inpatients and people in residential homes etc, we would arrange for our expert to visit your client.

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